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A few clients have come to me recently with increased jaw tension and pain and have asked how they can manage this in between treatments, so I have put together a video demonstration on some self-massage techniques you can try out to help reduce muscle tension and relieve jaw discomfort. The techniques I demonstrate include: Soft Tissue Release, Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy.

Anatomy Of The Jaw

The main muscle in the jaw is the Masseter which you can find by palpating the cheek along your bottom row of teeth in line with your earlobe. When this muscle becomes tight it can cause jaw discomfort, jaw aches, clicking, tension headaches, earache and even toothache.

How Does The Jaw Become Tight?

- Overuse of one side when eating / excessive chewing of gum

- Clenching of the teeth/jaw due to stress or anxiety

- Grinding of the teeth at night

- TMJ (temporomandibular  joint) related conditions. The TMJ is a ball and socket joint in the jaw which attaches to the skull

If you are suffering with jaw tension or general muscular tension, contact me directly for a FREE consultation or to book your treatment in, contact Georgia via DM or call 📞 07858587142.


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