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How can massage help?


Relieves pain resulting from tight muscles and restrictions in joints


Works in conjunction with the nervous system to ease tension and help you to relax. Also helps to manage and reduce stress and stress related conditions


Helps to drain excess build-up of fluid from muscles and improves circulation and mobility


Alleviates post-exercise soreness and muscle cramps and increases overall range of motion


Prevents injuries by relieving chronic tension in the body


Treats injuries effectively such as: tendonitis, ligament sprains and muscle strains


Removes waste materials and brings nutrients to injured cells, helping to reduce swelling and inflammation


Breaks down old scar tissue and prevents further scarring


Relieves pain/tingling in arms and legs


What should I expect from my first session?

Your first session is all about getting to know how we can help YOU. You will be asked to complete a consultation form which your therapist will go through with you in detail. Your therapist may ask you further questions to clarify how your expectations and needs can be met. You may be asked to demonstrate where and what is causing pain if this is the reason for booking your treatment. Then you and your Therapist can decide on the appropriate treatment plan with the aim of providing relief & release at the first appointment. Should you have any concerns or questions, the consultation process is a perfect opportunity to ask them. Your therapist will confirm with you that they have heard your requests and will describe in detail what the treatment will involve, what to expect during and after the treatment and instruct how to prepare for the treatment.

What should I bring with me?

How frequently should I book appointments?

Depending on your requirements, your therapist will create a bespoke and specialised aftercare plan to suit you and the treatment plan discussed, this can include: particular stretches, foam rolling exercises, self-massage tips and alternative self-care advice.

Cancellation Policy

Should you require to cancel this appointment, we kindly ask you give 24 hours notice in accordance with our cancellation policy. If you do not cancel within this time frame you will be required to pay 100% of the treatment cost.

Yourself and some water!

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