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BRAND NEW 90/90 HIP STRETCH TUTORIAL - 3 Stretches In 1!

If you are suffering from tight hips, this one is for you! In this tutorial I perform an in-depth, step-by-step hip & gluteus minimums stretch known as the 90/90 stretch.

As you can tell by the name, this stretch involves placing your leading leg and trailing (behind) leg into a 90 degree angle whereby your knee and ankle are aligned. I demonstrate how you can stretch the leading leg in external rotation, as well as the trailing (behind) leg in internal rotation. There is also a short mobility exercise that you can do to help free up the hips further. This is one of my favourite stretches and is also a very helpful way to test your hip health.

Should you experience any pinching, pain or extreme discomfort whilst performing the stretch, please gently come out of the stretch and seek alternative medical advice, as this could indicate an underlying hip joint issue that needs attention.

I would recommend taking 5 minutes to perform the whole stretch and pausing in the different positions for 30-45 seconds. Bring awareness to your breath and allow your muscles to melt and go deeper into the stretch.

For those of you sitting at a computer, weightlifting at the gym or performing rigorous exercises putting pressure on the hips e.g. deadlifting or running / cycling, here's how you can release those that tension!

Save this for later or give it a go now! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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