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Self-Massage Tutorial For the Neglected Feet!

Even though our treatments have temporarily stopped, there are still many ways you can take care of your mind and body through self-massage techniques.

Our aim is to be fully committed to your wellness journey, especially in times such as these we are HERE TO HELP not just our clients but EVERYONE.


🔈🗣I am going to post a different body area and muscle that you can treat yourself to help release muscle tension, joint pain and aching and promote relaxation.

Today we start from the bottom:🦶🏼🦶🏼🦶🏼


•Massage the place in the webbing of your index finger and thumb. Apply a squeezing action and massage for about one to two minutes in little circles.

•Next, massage the area where the bones of your big and second toe meet. Use your index finger or thumb. Massage for about one to two minutes in little circles on each foot.

•Finally apply pressure on the soles of your feet with long, slow strokes. Finish with circular finger motions on the balls of your feet and then apply intermittent pressure along the curve with your index finger.

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