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Have you thought about booking a Sports Massage but unsure of how it can help you? Then you’re in the right place!

1️. What is a Sports Massage and who is it for?

• There is a common misconception that sports massage is just for athletes.


Whether you’re an amateur gym-goer or starting a new form of exercise and suffering from an injury or pain specific to 1 part of your body then sports massage IS FOR YOU!

Sports Massage helps to improve performance, prevent injury & releases endorphins from the pituitary gland to help relieve pain and symptoms of anxiety & depression.

2️. When should I get a sports massage? Short answer: WHENEVER.

Your therapist will be able to pre-empt injuries and can single out any abnormalities in the muscle tissues and treat them before they become one.

3️. Benefits of Sports Massage: Pre and Post-Event ✔️

• A pre event massage is designed to activate the muscles and prepare the client to reach new personal bests using specific sports massage techniques

• It’s not uncommon to have an injury or area that is used frequently during physical activity. During a massage, this area can become the sole focus to ease strain or prevent further injury during the event

• It can also be used to stimulate certain areas of the body so that the individual can give maximal performance

A post-event massage is usually completed up to 3 days after physical activity

• Sports massage techniques used usually depend on client’s needs but pressure technique is common as it allows the muscles to return to their usual resting lengths

• Post event massage helps with preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

4️. Benefits of Sports Massage in Preventing DOMS

NOTE: DOMS ISN’T caused by lactic acid build up, lactic acid is usually present in the process, but eccentric exercises and a drop in oxygen stores & a very slight trauma to the muscle fibres makes them swollen and sore!

- One of the main benefits of sports massage are improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow therefore also helping to prevent muscle fatigue!


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