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Foam Ball Tutorial

Foam Ball Tutorial A very simple but truly wonderful and effective piece of equipment ball 🎾✅ The foam ball focuses on the myofascial system to: 1️⃣ reduce muscle tension 2️⃣ improve blood flow 3️⃣ increase body awareness and 4️⃣ aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation ➡️ Making them PERFECT 👌🏼 for knots and tight areas. By targeting trigger points, Foam Balls can reduce pain levels 🙏🏼and improve range of motion through specific muscles 💪🏼and subsequently improve joint motion 🙌🏼...Helping you to support your bodies recovery. Any questions feel free to shoot me a message. P.s. Apologies for being so out of breath at the beginning I do go to the gym but clearly need to up my cardio as the stairs still get me 😂


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