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Now the temperatures have dropped are you making sure you’re warming up sufficiently before heading out for a run or cycle?

There are 2 main purposes to warming up:

1️. To decrease the risk for injury

2️. Enhance Performance

Medical advisors explain that a warmup prepares the body for exercising by increasing the temperature of the muscles and connective tissue, which makes them more supple & elastic.

Nerve conduction is also improved which aids in fluid movement - all of these factors reduce risk of injury.

A warmup also prepares the cardiovascular & metabolic systems to deliver blood and oxygen to the working tissues.

Now, because warming up literally increases your muscles’ internal temperature before activity, you should DEFINITELY be warming up for longer in the Winter season.

It is recommended DOUBLING your normal warmup and starting out much slower as it is tougher for your body to exercise in lower temperatures.


• Dress in layers AND

• Be aware of the wind chill

ONE more interesting point: you do NOT need to warm up inside!

… last but not least …

❕Don’t forget to COOL-DOWN. This will reduce blood pooling in your muscles and promotes recovery by removing metabolic waste products.

After a run or cycle try to do AT LEAST 3-5 minutes walking or static stretching to help those muscles relax!

Any questions, just shout.

Take care,

- Georgia


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