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Proof of How Massage Improves the Immune System!

🔔🔔🔔“The truth about your immune system” on BBC ONE proves that Massage has a huge positive impact on our overall health & wellbeing. 🔔🔔🔔 I highly recommend giving it a watch.

I promise you that you will no longer see a Massage Treatment as one-off “treat” or “luxury”.

During the programme the lady asks “What does massage actually do?”

The Answer:

- During a massage, the nerves in our skin connect to our glands where t-cells are stored

- Through the stimulation of the skin glands using different massage techniques, they begin to release the lymphocytes in our blood

- Therefore increasing our immune cells & productivity and our overall immune system, simply by the application of touch.

The Hard Evidence:

During the show they conducted an experiment whereby they took the clients blood before and after the 1-hour Massage Treatment and what they found was INCREDIBLE.

- Results showed a general flushing out of immune cells in the clients body.

- Specifically her Lymphocyte T cells increased from 18.3% prior to the treatment to 23.6% after the treatment.

- This is an INCREASE OF 20% after the Massage.

Now this may not sound like a HUGE improvement BUT we have millions of cells in our body so even a small % is a SIGNIFICANT improvement!

So to put it simply it is PROVEN that MASSAGE BOOSTS OUR IMMUNITY.

Now I only wish I were open to be able to treat you all BUT 🤞🏼we won’t be closed for long and then you can book in to get your health boost!

Take care,

- Georgia 🤍


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