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As you know, stress is an inevitable part of life and although it is nearly impossible to remove all stress from our daily lives, Massage Therapy has been proven to be one of the many ways to help manage and reduce its symptoms. Stress is physiological and psychological responses to situations the body and mind find to be overwhelming, so it is no wonder that a treatment like Massage which focuses on relieving tension in both mind & body can be so paramount in reducing its negative impacts. Some people mistakenly believe that Massage Therapy is only for pampering yourself. While this may seem true for some people, it also helped manage conditions such as insomnia, trauma, depression & anxiety. PHYSICAL BENEFITS OF MASSAGE - Lowers the amount of cortisol in your body (the hormone produced when your body is stressed) - Increases glucose in your bloodstream - Enhances your brain's use of glucose and curbs functions that are nonessential in a fight-or-flight nervous system response - Helps release serotonin - the happy hormone which carries signals between nerves and your body therefore boosting your body's ability to fight off pain, anxiety & feelings of sadness - Often considered as an hourlong hug, massage can fulfill the need for human contact and comforting touch - Provides you with a safe and nurturing space to physically rest and reset EMOTIONAL BENEFITS OF MASSAGE - Helps promote feelings of relaxation and calmness during & after a treatment - A nourishing & nurturing place to help you refocus and find clarity - Improves overall mood and helps increase confidence - Creates a sense of relief and empowerment - Allows you to focus on yourself and your mind-body connection - Helps to break unhealthy thought patterns by bringing your awareness back to the present moment through the use of physical touch and breath-work


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