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A lot of us may be experiencing feelings of tension, anxiety and stress all of which are COMPLETELY normal in these uncertain times.

Many of us are also spending prolonged periods of time glaring at a computer screen, phone screen, books or watching tv and so headaches, sore & tired eyes, forehead tension and jaw tension are becoming more and more common.

As we are currently unable to offer treatments, I thought I would put together a (somewhat) short Self-Massage Tutorial for you guys - targeting the face & forehead.

This tutorial can help everyone out there needing a bit of pressure point release and overall relaxation. You can practice this at night before bed or when you wake up in the morning to prepare you for the day ahead.

Any moisturiser can be used here as long as it agrees with your skin type. Apply medium - firm pressure within your comfort zones and hold pressure points directed for 10 seconds +.


P.s. Excuse the mind blank and funny facial expressions!


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